What is STEM?

The term refers to Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics. STEM Education promotes interdisciplinary and application based learning of all these 4 subjects rather than teaching them as individual subjects. It connects the learning process with real-world applications.

My STEM Zone is an Experiential Learning game mapped with grade specific curriculum of Science and Mathematics. It gives a golden opportunity to young learners to practically apply the concepts they are learning in school.

Every box contains a STEM Book which is mapped with almost all the chapters of Science and Mathematics in your child’s curriculum. This book is the heart of the product. It contains instructions for performing various experiments and activities. The box contains all the resource material to perform these experiments and activities. So the ideal way to use My STEM Zone is start reading the STEM book, understand the concepts and go on applying the concepts through various experiments and activities as instructed in the book.

My STEM Zone is a learning game designed by a team of educationists, scientists and psychologist. Before the commercial run, product has undergone a rigorous testing with 1000 students of different grades and curriculum. The study clearly reveals that, an effective use of this product remarkably improves applied intelligence, research based approach, creativity, cognition, critical thinking, logical thinking, visualization, attention span, expression and exploration. Moreover, we have observed a moderate to very high level of positive impact on student’s academic performance. And above all, your child gets engaged in learning process with lot of fun that too with zero screen time.

Yes. We have taken utmost care while designing the experiments and activities and have tried our best to include non-hazardous and eco-friendly material only. However children should take due care while using materials like scissors, marbles, chemicals, glass-ware, plastic-ware etc and also while performing heating and other experiments. We strongly advise parents to monitor closely when child is using the product.

No problem. In such case, parents can guide the child after referring to the STEM book. Parents can also check FREE sample videos on our youtube channel (www.youtube.com/mystemzone ). Even then, if the issue remains unresolved, please feel free to report it to us at info@mystemzone.in. We are committed to respond to customer queries within 2 working days.

In our test run, we have observed children performing better than adults. Moreover the basic intention of My STEM Zone is to engage the child creatively in practical learning. So we recommend parents not to stress much on correctness or accuracy unless child is committing any gross mistake. Don't forget, it's a game of unrestricted learning.

This is rarely possible as we have a stringent process of quality check before the box is packed and sealed. Even then, if you observe anything is missed out, please reach us at info@mystemzone.in. We are committed to respond to customer queries within 2 working days.

This is very unlikely. All the contents of the product have undergone stringent quality checks. But nobody can claim of 100% accuracy. If you come across any gross mistake or error or omission in the book or prints, please report them to us at info@mystemzone.in. We will cross check the same and if your observations are found right, we will incorporate your suggestions in our next edition of the products.

In case there is a major damage to the box, you can reject the delivery. In case there is any damage to inside material, you will not be able to reject the delivery. In such case, please reach us at info@mystemzone.in. Our customer care team will help you out.

Unfortunately, there is no provision of refund of money once it is received. We recommend parents to be doubly sure before they buy the product. Our customer care is well equipped to resolve all your queries before you make the decision of investing in this product.