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Sensory Motor Skills

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Academic Performance


School to Home

My STEM Zone is an academic toy based on the concept ‘Do & Learn’. It provides golden opportunity to young learners to practically apply the concepts they are learning in schools

It is a portable science laboratory that comes with a comprehensive STEM book and extensive resource material to perform various activities, experiments, puzzles, quizzes for each and every topic in the curriculum

It facilitates real learning from home. It's a powerful self-learning tool with 'Zero Screen Time'. It makes learning full of fun, engaging, inspiring, skill-full, productive, explorative, expressive and application oriented.

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Solution for Schools

With My STEM Zone, schools can infuse experiential learning in their day to day teaching-learning process which will improve learning outcomes remarkably.

The product complies with recommendations of National Education Policy 2020. So schools can start pro-active implementation of National Education Policy with this product.

Moreover, projects and model making are integral part of evaluation process as per CBSE/ICSE norms. My STEM Zone box stands as a one stop solution for schools to comply with this requirement in a meaningful way. It also saves lot of efforts from parents to mobilize resources for completing these projects

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