About Us

My STEM Zone is one of the unique offerings of STEM Learning Solutions Pvt. Ltd. The company is founded by team of educationists, scientists and psychologists. The Company intends to disrupt the school education system by infusing experiential learning in teaching–learning process (pedagogy) thereby remarkably improving the learning outcomes.

The products of the company are age-specific and are based on the concept 'Do and Learn'. They provide a golden opportunity to young learners to practically apply the concepts and thereby enhance their knowledge and applied intelligence

The Company through it strong product segments & portfolio offers portable, platform of STEM Laboratories, Toys and Gadgets. The users will explore, assemble, ideate, perform scientific experiments through playfulness. The main objective is to inspire young learners to become future Ideators, Creators, Inventors, Discoverers, Innovators, Leaders for young India.

The products are specially designed keeping in mind the below referred impact factors:

  • To improve sensory motor skills at an early age
  • To inspire students to use handheld devices constructively
  • To enhance critical and divergent thinking
  • To groom young learners to succeed in current digital and knowledge based economy
  • To diverge the thought process from service orientated approach to product orientated approach
  • To make the learning process full of fun, creative, inspiring and engaging
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