My STEM Zone Standard VII Science

2 STEM Books + 62 Experiments & Projects mapped with Standard VII Science syllabus

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How it works

Why to Invest?

JEE/NEET Foundation

The STEM Books inside the product are specially designed to develop strong fundamental knowledge and a mindset of application based learning. They develop right learning skills from an early age to crack entrance exams like JEE/NEET.

21st Century Skills

The product focuses on developing applied intelligence, cognition, critical & divergent thinking, problem solving and analytical skills. These skills are the foundation for machine learning, artificial intelligence and IOT

Concept to Career

The STEM book inside the box is the heart of product. It focuses on developing strong concepts, practical application of the concepts and connects the concepts with real life application and career opportunities.

Creators not Followers

The main intention of this high-end product is to develop creators for young India not the followers. It shifts the mindset of young learners from service-orientation to product-orientation.